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APC1(PRT3) is a Novel peptid hormone(79AA) with a strong signal peptide (24AA). It is expressed in human pancreatic cells.

The APC1level in human blood serum (500pg/ml) is measureable by affinity purified polyclonal antibody.

APC1 was originally used for treatment of human pancreatic cancer as an extremely efficient agent . The MOA goes through induction of differentiation of human pancreatic cancer cells and induction of some of the cells that did not differentiated.

During the process of differentiation, the cells start to express human pancreatic peptide hormones which are typically expressed in beta and alpha islets in the pancreas.

This process was also demonstrated as applicable to normal healthy mice in terms of increasing the number of islets, as well as significantly increasing (in-vitro) the Insulin content in islets.

APC1 was tested on two mice model for diabetes type 2 (db/db mice and C57Bl/6 treated with STZ) with very positive results.

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